Well, here it is, you've heard the rumors, and most of them are true.  This is the official homepage for all the sick, twisted stuff that gets said on the IRC EFnet channel, #comicbooks.  The file is maintained by DkPhoenix, with a hand from myself, Foenix, since she cant be on as much as I can.

    I would like to insert the warning here, that some of what is in these files is....crude.  Us sickos can get pretty rowdy at times, and we say whatever comes to mind.  You have been warned.

    April 6th, 1998 - Aaaah, another update.  Yeah, I'm trying to keep these monthly.  Doesnt look like the Xictim of the Month is going over too well.  No one yet has been insane enough to give us that much opportunity to bash them.  Some of the stuff added this month are entire logs of conversations, to maintain the flow of some of them.  See it as trying something different.  Enjoy!

Well, the first page of stuff is up, and here's the link.
 The Greatest Hits

Wow.  Didn't think I would ever put this page up, but I eventually gotaround to it.

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